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We’ve put together a downloadable guide to help you get to grips with everything you need to know about producing adverts for television.

The TV Agency can help

Perhaps you’ve arrived here because you’re considering using TV advertising for the first time? Or maybe you currently use TV to advertise your business, but need a little help with an idea of costing and how best to plan your budget? TV advertising can seem both confusing and expensive.

The TV Agency can help. Whether you’re a small brand, a new business or an established company, we can talk you through your options and get you up and running. Let’s take a look at the costing example below as a starting point. It covers regional costs on ITV and some National Digital channels. It’s followed by a few suggestions to consider when budgeting and best of all, a quick look at how a TV advert can actually cost you NOTHING!

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Cost examples

These are example TV advertising costs for different ITV1 regions. These examples look at a 30-second premium spot in Coronation Street for adults and a daytime advert in This Morning. Both examples target adults, but the spot in This Morning comes with a daytime discount whereas Coronation Street comes at a premium.

These costs are for information purposes only and does not constitute an offer capable of acceptance.

Did you know a TV advert can cost nothing?

Too good to be true? Let us explain. Once your advert is up and running, and buying a ratings campaign you only pay for how many viewers watch your advert. By placing your advert on a smaller digital channel, the slot can be likely to register a zero viewing figure, meaning less than 1,000 viewers have seen it.

Zero viewing figure = zero cost!

Don’t panic! It doesn’t mean no one is watching, it means people are watching, but the audience is too small to register. Using this spot will cost you nothing, but if it generates a trackable response, such as a call or web visit, then what an excellent rate of return! We can supply costs across all channels such as ITV, SKY, Channel 4 and Five etc, but costing isn’t as simple with digital channels.

This is mainly because you would normally run a combination of channels for an effective campaign, whereas ITV1 delivers much higher viewing figures and can be bought across micro-regions to deliver a high impact in small areas. Viewing figures are smaller across digital channels and you can only advertise nationally, meaning low impact, UK coverage that requires a longer campaign. This can be very effective for campaigns where cost per response is very important.

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