Programme sponsorship

There are a host of different VOD services from the UK broadcasters, all brimming with opportunities for advertisers. Here, you’ll find an overview of the key players and their on-demand services by platform.


We can make your brand famous by affiliating you with an iconic ITV programme, bringing you into the hearts of loyal fans. Fully integrated partnership opportunities are available, including bespoke online, mobile and licensing activation; resulting in a full 360-degree campaign. Take a look at some of our fantastic examples in our Case Study section.

If you really want your brand to take off, sponsoring an ITV programme can be a great launch pad. Sponsoring a show allows you to place a series of short credit sequences around a programme, which feature your logo and message. Your sponsorship package can vary to suit your needs; single programmes or events, a themed package and varying lengths of sponsorship are all available.

Making your brand famous

  • Sponsorship delivers ‘stand-out’ in a cluttered market
  • Builds brand fame
  • Raises awareness
  • Shifts brand perceptions
  • Influences purchase decisions
  • Guarantees a prime position and maximum visibility to your chosen target audience.

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