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At The TV Agency, we specialize in curating powerful TV advertising campaigns that resonate. From initial concept development to the final broadcast, our expertise covers every facet of the advertising journey. We delve deep into market insights, tailoring strategies to reach specific audiences, ensuring maximum impact. Our team skillfully crafts compelling narratives, utilizing the best of visuals and sound, to create memorable advertisements that drive results. With a keen understanding of scheduling, placements, and audience metrics, we optimize campaign performance, offering our clients the best return on their advertising investment. At The TV Agency, we don't just book ad campaigsn we create campaigns that drive results.

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Wayne Cooper, WLC Online Ltd

It has been great to work with Anthony and his team at The TV Agency, initial thoughts of advertising on the TV seemed very daunting and complicated but the TV Agency made it all really easy from advert creation to targeting & Channel selection.

We receive monthly analysis and help with all campaigns. I would highly recommend this company to work with for any TV advertising.


Jane Hodgson, EBeauty Ltd

We have worked with the TV Agency for several years now. Regardless of what budget we are working with at a particular time Anthony and his team consistently deliver results. Time is taken to understand our goals, target audience, and unique selling points. During our campaigns the TV Agency are constantly optimising ensuring our budget is spent as efficiently as possible. They are a pleasure to work with.


Stephanie Wilks-Wiffen, eToro

What sets The TV Agency apart is their unwavering commitment to being there for us, always ready to address any questions or concerns we may have, at any time. They understand the importance of data in guiding our decisions, consistently providing us with insightful analytics that allow us to make informed choices. Their dedication to finding us deals from various channels reflects their genuine desire to provide us with the best value possible. It's a pleasure working with people who truly care about our success, who feel more like an extension of our team than an agency.


Bill Mitchell, Font

We've worked with Anthony and the team at The TV Agency for a couple of years now on several TV ad campaigns. Having their expertise on hand really helps support my work with our clients. It's good to know you're in expert hands and any questions we have are quickly answered. They support us through production, planning, booking, managing, and monitoring TV campaigns providing the knowledge and skills to maximise the effectiveness of our budget.


Gary Oakes, Clearview Home Improvements

I am delighted to share our experience working with The TV Agency, particularly with Anthony and Luke. Their deep understanding of the intricate world of TV advertising has been invaluable to us. We confidently entrust them with the responsibility of managing our advertising airtime and contracts with ITV.

Anthony and Luke's expertise shines as they consistently secure the best deals for us, ensuring that we receive optimal value for our advertising investment. Their dedication to negotiating prime advertising slots each month is truly commendable. Their proactive approach and unwavering diligence set them apart, as they consistently go above and beyond to meet our advertising goals.

In a landscape as dynamic as TV advertising, having partners like The TV Agency is a game-changer. Anthony and Luke's commitment to our success, coupled with their unparalleled knowledge, make them an indispensable asset to our marketing strategy.


Philip Dowd, Randstad

Randstad has worked with The TV Agency for many years now, and there's a good reason. We've built a strong trusting relationship with them due to their consultative approach. They always look at all the options for us and give us a view of all the options that are available. This has led to some great TV deals for us. They've then managed our campaigns to make sure we then get the highest quality schedule possible. Not only have they supported us with the media buying but the creative process as well, collaborating with us to bring our ideas to life.


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