TV Advertising deals - Summer 2023

There are some great deals currently available in the TV advertising market so here’s a quick video going through a few of them. If you have any questions let me know!

Capitalizing on Cost-Effective TV Advertising Opportunities This Summer

There are currently numerous attractive offers available for TV advertising. This abundance of opportunities is largely due to the absence of major sporting events this summer, which have typically filled the airtime in previous years. As a result, most broadcasters have ample availability, presenting advertisers with a chance to secure some cost-effective deals.

Currently, there are offers featuring fixed CPMs as low as £1.50, which is quite remarkable. Some of these offers even extend into all day parts or peak times, providing advertisers with more flexibility. Traditionally, daytime campaigns would run from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, but these offers expand the time slots and offer discounts on standard CPM rates.

Additionally, there are ongoing promotions, such as ITV’s “Back in Business” initiative, which targets new and lapsed advertisers. This offer provides a near pound-for-pound matched spend, with an 85 pence in the pound match. For instance, if an advertiser spends £100,000, they could receive £185,000 in value. However, this offer comes with terms and conditions, as well as an application process that requires meeting certain criteria.

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Maximizing Advertising Budgets: Navigating Exclusive Deals and Offers with Broadcasters


Some of the primary terms and conditions for ITV’s “Back in Business” offer include a 12-month, 100% share contract, meaning advertisers cannot work with other broadcasters while benefiting from this deal. However, the substantial value offered by ITV could be appealing, especially for regional advertisers or those launching their first large-scale national campaign.

The 100% share agreement is crucial to the deal, as ITV provides extra value in exchange for the advertiser’s commitment to spend exclusively with them for approximately 12 months. Additionally, participants in this offer must also incorporate a specific amount of broadcaster VOD, commonly known as connected TV.

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Other broadcasters, such as Channel 4, also offer similar deals, like the Greenhouse Fund, which provides a pound-for-pound matched spend. This deal is comparable to ITV’s “Back in Business” offer, requiring an application process and adherence to strict criteria. Broadcasters are committed to offering genuine added value to advertisers, but they also expect reciprocity in terms of continued advertising partnerships. Such deals present advertisers with the opportunity to maximize their budgets while fostering long-term relationships with broadcasters.

Advertisers interested in these deals should consider committing to a test campaign lasting at least two to three months. For Channel 4’s Greenhouse Fund, there might be a minimum spend requirement of around £40,000 to £50,000. Additionally, Channel 4 has introduced a new fund called “Black in Business,” which supports black business owners, presenting a significant opportunity for those who qualify. Read more here about this offer!

While Sky does not currently offer any matched spend deals, they are known for their flexibility and willingness to compete with other broadcasters to secure advertising budgets. They may present a counteroffer to match competing deals. Sky also has a unique arrangement where advertisers can agree on a cost per acquisition (CPA) basis. In this case, half of the campaign’s cost is paid upfront, and the other half is determined by the agreed-upon KPIs.

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Sky is still offering the cost per acquisition deal, making it an appealing option, particularly for e-commerce businesses. Another opportunity provided by Sky is their Carbon Zero Fund, which targets businesses with a strong environmental focus. This fund can grant significant amounts of free advertising, and although the most recent application period may have passed, it is expected to return next year.

In general, numerous deals are available in the current market. When it comes to the cost of a TV campaign, there is no definitive answer, as budgets can vary greatly. Some advertisers may spend as little as £5,000 a month, while others can allocate between £500,000 and £1,000,000 a month on their campaigns.

The size of an advertiser’s budget is relative to their business size and target audience. It is not necessary to have a massive budget to benefit from the available deals. Although some offers, such as the pound-for-pound matched spend deal, may have minimum spend requirements, there are plenty of attractive deals currently available. Even advertisers with budgets under £10,000 can receive twice the value they normally would due to the ongoing promotions. If you are interested in any of these deals or would like cost estimates, feel free to reach out for assistance. If you’d like to understand more about the TV advertising process, read our recent blog here.

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