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We were excited when Ebac approached us here at TVA.  A fellow North Eastern business, family run and with a strong British identity, we welcomed the opportunity to work our magic for them.  Ebac, based in Durham UK, has been manufacturing white goods since 1972. The most recent product range they developed and manufactured, was a series of washing machines. Medium to high end, boasting a fantastic specification, yet when it came to the market, relatively unknown. Step in TVA.


Our challenge was to create an awareness around the brand and it’s products. Raise the profile, by promoting exactly who Ebac are and what they offer. The plan, then, was to produce a series of short video ads, each lasting around 15 seconds. They would be strategically placed on various social media platforms, with a view to extending the campaign to run on TV.

Creative Vision

After touching base with the Ebac marketing team, the creative, we decided, should take a multi-layered approach. Firstly, this was a company producing really decent machines, each with a wealth of features to promote. Secondly, Ebac were both passionate and proud of their family run business, based in the north east. It seemed fitting therefore, that we intertwine the two. Hence the concept ‘From our family to yours’ was born.


Our ad would be set in a family kitchen, with the Ebac machine being the focal point. Each of the 3 shorts would promote a feature, unique to their washing machines, comprising; The hot fill ecosystem, a British made machine and a family run business.  Designing the advert using Computer Aided Design felt like the obvious choice to produce our advert. It allowed us to model with accuracy and make any necessary changes along the way. Our resident CAD operator would have this in the bag in no time!


The first task was to recreate a kitchen scene complete with washing machine, using CAD. Working alongside Ebac’s head of design, our priority was to replicate the washer in animation form. Panel by panel, piece by piece, it had to match the physical item exactly. 

The trick, we felt, was to keep the camera moves and angles simplistic, so as not to detract from the star of the show – the Ebac washing machine.

With one standardised animation in place, we could then adapt each ad to showcase a particular feature. One ad with the hot fill ecosystem, one highlighting the British made goods and the final ad- driving home the strong family ethos, running through the business.

Meanwhile, it’s not just our CAD and creative team who are having all the fun. During the animation process, there are other elements we continue to work on at the agency. Choosing copy – both content and straplines to accompany the visual, determining where best to position text, logo and branding and maintaining regular communication with the client, to ensure they are updated.


The ads panned out just as we had hoped. Each delivered a clear message as intended about product functionality or historical back story. The Ebac washing machine itself took centre stage in each case, a strong product that deserves maximum attention. The coverage of the social media bursts have made an audience aware of Ebac as a brand, who they are and what they do.