Why choose TVA?

Unlike some other agencies, we deal with our clients individually, on an advertiser by advertiser basis. We guarantee your product or service won’t be compromised to secure a more favourable airtime package.

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Why choose TVA?

We’re passionate about creating great adverts and then some. We’re well versed in the world of media buying, coupled with years of experience in both 2D & 3D animation, as well as live-action & CGI. We do the fun stuff, the techy stuff and the legal bit. We’re proud to be a Full-Service agency.

What we do

Our ethos is simple. We are a specialised TV buying & animation studio agency.

You’ve possibly arrived here because you’re new to TV advertising and haven’t got much of an idea about how it all works and more importantly, what it all costs. Don’t worry. Think of us as holding your hand while you take the plunge.

We have put together an introduction to TV advertising both regionally and nationally, to give you a better idea of how things work. Alongside it, we have an introduction to the costs of TV advertising, because let’s be honest, no one wants to be saddled with an unexpected bill.

Apply our years of experience

Years of media buying experience have allowed us to build and maintain good relationships with regional and national broadcasters. We are able to obtain discounts when buying airtime, which in turn we can pass on to you as our client.

We are open and upfront about our costings from the start. In addition, we can make recommendations as to how to get the most out of your budget.

We’re here to stay and here to help.

Know-it-alls of the small screen

We’re perhaps a little smug that we can do everything advert related. We’ll take your idea and build a story around it, we’ll bring your story to life, using the talents of our production team. We can animate it, produce it and, when it’s ready, show it off. Of course, we can also help you secure a great airtime deal. We’ll even keep you legal. See? Told you we were the know-it-alls of the small screen.

The TV Buying Process

Buying airtime can seem a little daunting at first glance. It’s probably fair to say it’s a process best left to the professionals. ‘Right Here!’

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Targeting the right audience

It’s one thing to make a great advert, but in order for us to make it effective, we have to then link that ad to your target audience. A kind of dating agency to pair up advert and viewer if you will. This is where media buying comes in.

If you’re new to this process, a good starting point might be to consider where you’d like your ad to be shown, regionally or nationally? Are you hoping to gain maximum exposure during peak viewing times or choose a cost efficient daytime campaign? Which channels might be suitable for your intended audience? Something niche such as Discovery Turbo, or a broader scope via ITV1?

Buying airtime

There are several ways to buy airtime, whether you aim for a target number of television ratings (TVR’s), or choosing a guaranteed number of spots or opting for a fixed cost per thousand.

Of course everything comes at a price. We’ll take a look at your budget and realistically deliver the best possible rate of return.

Once you’re up and running, we have a vast range of tools and analytical software we can use, to see how well your ad is performing. These include monitoring web traffic, surveys and collating search volume data. Because if your advert isn’t doing its job properly, then neither are we.

Monitoring success

Once we have created your masterpiece, we will monitor it and see how it’s doing. We have a range of tools to track and analyse our ads to make sure they’re getting the results. It’s our baby you see. And yours of course. A king of joint custody.

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