Dreaming of being a YouTube star?

At TVA we have access to a range of specialist YouTube software programmes, each geared towards reaching a very specific market segment. It’s perfect for narrowing down who you want to be viewing your ads and when.

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Smarter advertising

We are able to take a look at exactly who is in the market for your product and streamline your marketing strategy accordingly. For example, in the past, we may have considered targeting a general demographic of young women, 18-30 . With YouTube, we can go a step (or three) further and promote to females, 18-30, who are also students and also watching music videos between 7-10 pm on weeknights.

Advertising of this nature allows us to market to a very tailored audience. Almost bespoke. What’s not to like?

Tracking your campaign

Further still, at TVA, we are strong believers in tracking and analysing your ad as it runs, to see what we are achieving. If we miss the mark, we’re committed to making suggestions for improvement to help you get back on track.

YouTube doesn’t need to be your only source of promotion. Use it as part of your marketing mix for an integrated approach.

If you’d like to chat about advertising on YouTube or explore some costings, call us now.

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