Connected TV Ads in the UK

Chatting About Connected TV Ads in the UK: Finding Your Ideal Audience

Hey there! Have you heard about Connected TV (CTV)? It’s getting super popular in the UK, with over 45 million people using CTV devices to watch their favourite shows and movies. You might not realise but any smart TV or TV connected to a smart box essentially makes it a CTV device. This has created some awesome opportunities for advertisers to connect with their target audience using video-on-demand (VOD) services provided by broadcasters, streaming platforms and DSP’s (Demand side platforms). In this chat, we’ll dive into the UK’s connected TV market, as well as discuss targeting and cost considerations for advertisers.

The Connected TV Market

So, in the UK, there are quite a few broadcasters and streaming platforms offering Connected TV or Video on demand services, like ITV Hub now known as ITVX, All 4, and Sky Go probably being the most well-known, but you also have Samsung, LG, Netflix, Freevee, Pluto TV to name a few of the many new CTV apps. These platforms let advertisers reach super-engaged audiences with video ads, while also providing a huge array of targeting options to make sure the right people see the ads.

ITVX (formerly ITV Hub)

First up, let’s talk about ITVX. It’s a popular VOD platform run by ITV, the UK’s biggest broadcaster. You can find TV shows, movies, and more to stream for free. Advertisers can reach a huge, engaged audience with targeting options based on demographics, interests, and viewing behaviour. Plus, it works on a cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) model, so you get more for your money by reaching your target audience at a lower cost. Contextual targeting is a favourite of mine with ITV. Choosing hit shows such as Love Island or I’m a Celebrity to reach highly engaged audiences. Some of these shows can actually deliver larger audiences through connected TV than live TV viewing! You can read more about ITVX here

Sky Go and Sky Advance

Sky Go is a VOD platform by Sky, yet another major UK broadcaster. With over 12 million registered users, this platform has an active and engaged audience. Sky Go lets advertisers target by location and device. Sky Advance, on the other hand, is Sky’s programmatic advertising platform, which uses Sky’s extensive user data for targeted advertising. It also works on a CPM basis, making it a cost-effective choice for advertisers. You can read more about Sky VOD here

Connected TV Targeting

One of the best things about Connected TV advertising is being able to tailor ads to a specific audience. This leads to better engagement and conversion rates. Some targeting options include:

  • Demographics: Aim ads at certain age, gender, or income groups.
  • Interests: Target ads based on viewer interests, like sports, news, or entertainment.
  • Location: Focus ads on specific regions or cities.
  • Device: Aim ads at specific devices, like smart TVs or gaming consoles.


These are just the basic targeting options and you’ll find everyone offers different targeting abilities. They may add Mosaic or Experian data or use ACR targeting, targeting based on what you’ve watched on your smart TV, competitor adverts, specific programming or your own existing TV campaign. There are really too many to list here but we’re more than happy to chat through which options might be best for you!

Connected TV Costs

The cost of Connected TV advertising can vary depending on the platform and targeting options. Many platforms use a CPM model, where advertisers only pay for the impressions their ads get. This means you can reach your target audience at a lower cost. Programmatic advertising platforms might have more efficient pricing models that use automated bidding and real-time pricing to get the best value for your ad budget. The most common though is still CPM which can start from £15 going up to £50+.


So here are some example costs for a Connected TV or CTV campaign.


A £15 CPM with a 20k budget could reach 1,333,333 viewers!


A £25 CPM with a 20k budget could reach 800k viewers!


A £35 CPM with a 20k budget could reach 571k viewers!


A £50 CPM with a 20k budget could reach 400k viewers!


Some suppliers have minimum or recommended spends others do not. Though I would say that your budget needs to reflect what you’re trying to achieve. A regional test campaign could be easily less than 10k but a much larger national campaign could easily be 50k plus. Also, the CPMs vary by supplier – some are more expensive and start much higher. Others are not but if you add lots of targeting options, it could increase the cost dramatically.


Connected TV advertising is a fantastic chance for advertisers to connect with a large and engaged audience. So, why not give it a shot?


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