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TV Advertising – The process

A video and blog discussing the process for booking a TV advertising campaign. Where to start and what...

The power of QR codes in advertising

QR Codes to Measure TV advertising and Connected TV Ad Success

Explore how QR codes revolutionise the measurement and engagement of TV and Connected TV advertising, streamlining viewer response...

Digital Media Marketing

Digital video marketing that gets results

Incorporating a digital video into your marketing mix is a sure-fire way to grab attention. Perhaps you want...

Production Costs

Video on demand

There are a host of different VOD services from the UK broadcasters, all brimming with opportunities for advertisers....

Pile of tvs

The Best TV Adverts of All Time

This blog post will highlight some of the best TV adverts of all time that successfully connected with...

Two people watching television

What Is Addressable TV and What Does it Mean for Advertisers?

Consumer habits are constantly changing, which is why addressable TV is becoming more popular.

TVA ITV Border

Advertising on ITV Border

TV Advertising costs so cheap it's almost unbelievable!

man with hands in the air next to buildings

Ecommerce Sales and TV Advertising: How This Medium Can Grow Your Business

Of course, we’re a TV Agency and it’s natural for us to want to extol the benefits of...


Planet V: What Is it and Why Is it Important in TV Advertising?

Planet V has landed and it’s pretty much out of this world. In this post we find out...

TVA Advert Costs

How Much Does a TV Advert Cost?

Today we're going to talk about how much a commercial costs, but before we get into the figures...

Person holiding phone displaying youtube app

YouTube Advertising: The Essential Part of Your Marketing Mix

YouTube advertising could be just what your business needs to reach a new audience. We’ve all seen those...

advantages tv advertising

The Advantages of TV Advertising

TV Advertising has two core benefits. Brand awareness and response. You can reach new customers and increase your...