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    Anthony O'Neill

    Anthony O’Neill

    Managing Director

    I’ve worked in TV advertising for coming up 18 years, starting at ITV for 9 years and we are about to celebrate our 9th birthday at The TV Agency. Across that period I’ve worked with a huge range of advertisers and agencies.

    Starting in London was an amazing experience getting to work on accounts such as BMW, L’Oreal, Disney, BT & Halifax to name a few, (I used to book all those ads that helped make Howard famous!). Then joining the ITV regional sales team where I learned how cheap TV advertising could be, (it was probably about £200 for a spot on Coronation St on ITV Border back then).

    But setting up my own agency and helping our clients achieve amazing results tops it all! eToro & Access CBD being the latest clients we’ve helped to launch on TV. And then seeing how our business has grown to offer support not just on TV but with our in-house animation studio and then most recently our digital team, delivering results across advertorials to PPC to Facebook.

    I love what I do, and I’m living my best life! I feel very lucky to help our clients get the best they can from their advertising.

    “I learned in more about TV advertising in 5mins chatting to Anthony than I did in several months with our current agency” Emma

    Davey Miller

    Davey Miller

    Creative Director

    Swiss army knife of production

    I’m responsible for everything creatively at TVA, working with clients to ensure the animations are ticking all the boxes knocking some socks off along the way. Utilising up and coming technologies and techniques is part of what makes me tick, from realtime rendering and new technologies, I always aim to improve my approach to every project.

    Let’s go on a journey back in time to a younger version of myself, I would head to a friends office at the age of 16 after school and began teaching myself 3D software, picking it up quickly I was given my first live project, an animation about the excavation under Harrods. Since the early days, I have been privileged enough to work on some amazing projects with some amazing people. Creating award-winning content for television, ad campaigns, film and corporate videos.

    Out of work, I love nothing more than hiking with my family, exploring the outdoors, drinking good coffee, climbing boulders, just being outside is my jam. I also enjoy gaming online with friends, a tactical shooter is my choice you’ll generally find me hiding in a bush waiting for it all to calm down, also known as a camper!

    Luke Spencer

    Account Executive

    I’m Luke Spencer. I’m 24 years old ,originally from Ascot but moved up to Newcastle in 2015. The plan was to stay for 6 months then move back down, 5 years later I’m still here but now living with my partner and two beautiful children.

    For the last 5 years I have been working at Sky. I started as a sales advisor My role was to manage great conversations and to help my customers choose the right Sky products for their needs. While also representing the business with great passion and confidence. . I enjoyed taking ownership of my performance and development taking on extra roles and responsibilities, which ranged from mentoring low performers and supporting new agents across the floor this led into my second role within the company which was a Mobile Performance Analyst As part of my role, I made sure that sales agents had the right support in place to excel in their mobile performance across the business. The work that my team and I conduct was vital to maintaining consistent performance across the floor and it’s a period in my career that i am very proud of.

    My new role at TVA is account executive. I’m currently working under Account Manager Katrhine O’Neill supporting with the airtime campaigns this involves getting stuck in with those blessed spreadsheets and analysing data.

    Kathryn O'Neill

    Account Manager

    Analysing schedules and implementing any necessary improvements

    I joined the team at The TV Agency in early Jan 2016. Prior to this, I worked as a primary school teacher for 12 years, starting my career in the south of England, before returning to the North East, where I later left my teaching career as a Senior Leader Teacher. So not your typical start in marketing and TV advertising.

    My current role within TVA mainly involves managing campaigns for our clients, making sure targets are being adhered to, analysing schedules and implementing any necessary improvements. I enjoy working with clients and liaising with the broadcasters to ensure our campaigns are effective and produce great results. I often get great feedback from clients on the changes I’ve made and improved schedules and their impact on business.

    Laura Miller

    Laura, is a vital part of our creative team supporting and creating amazing artwork for a variety of mediums. The quality of her work speaks for itself and is why we were recently shortlisted by Google, Levis, Jetstar Airways, Harvey Norman and Jordans Cluster bites on several international pitches against over 30 different agencies.

    Her work has been recognised by Universal Music and we’ve recently produced a series of visualiser animations for them.

    She is also monthly contributor to Beta magazine.

    Kristian Headland


    Has worked in digital marketing since 2005. Working in e-Commerce companies and lead generation companies before moving to agencies in 2013. Specialising in Paid Search and SEO, he has worked with companies around the world drive better online customer acquisition.