Case Studies

We put our client’s results first as our top priority so we won’t recommend anything without fully researching your market and target audience to make sure our recommendation delivers the results you want.

And that’s what we’re about, results! We use several specialist pieces of software and research tools to analyse your ideal audience and what channels etc they like to watch. We also look at competitor’s schedules and where/ how they’ve targeted their audience.

We use our Planning tools to look at the most effective way to reach that audience and Attribution tools to track last click attribution for a TV campaign. Most recently we have been using a new method allowing us to track full customer journey. This allows us to look at each advert they’ve interacted with over the last 7 days.

But TV is just the start of how you can work with us. We want to make sure that every aspect of all our client’s TV strategy is in place to deliver the best results, so we also have our own inhouse animation studio and production house producing adverts to deliver results. We are experts in handling legal clearance with Clearcast and the ASA.




Case Study Title

Helicopter Beauty

Maraphones Mara Z1

Mara wanted bold and bright advert with a strong African vibe - after all, its to promote the...

DPF 2.0 (00288)


Diversifying is a recruitment platform for employers who are serious about diversity and inclusion. We created this 2D...

advantages tv advertising

Skinny Sprinkles Amazon

Skinny Sprinkles needed a new How It Works product animation for their Amazon shop - this is a...

Newcastle College Virtual Enrolment

Newcastle College Virtual Enrolment

Newcastle College approached us to bang our creative heads together and create striking creative for their up and...

Drive Vauxhall - Featured

Drive Vauxhall

Country Hotels Breaks Featured

Country Hotel Breaks

Winns RTA 03

A Helping Hand for Winn Solicitors

The Winns campaign is one of our success stories and one we’re proud to share with you. Winn...

NCL - Snapchat (0-00-02-13)

Newcastle College

DPF 2.0 (00288)

Terraclean DPF

We showed the magic of a DPF clean in our latest animation for Terraclean. Goodbye carbon buildup.

Skinny Sprinkles 60s Edit (0-00-31-17)

Skinny Sprinkles

Skinny Sprinkles is a good example of how if you use an in experienced agency things can go...