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State of the art facilities thrown in as standard

When you choose TVA, you are opening up a whole world of possibilities. The production facilities we have here are second to none. We have a dedicated techy team just itching to get started on your video production.

Animation is often a popular choice for any video production.

The main reason being flexibility. Let’s say you choose to shoot a live-action video. Firstly you will need to source a suitable location. On top of that, there are external factors to consider, such as weather, lighting and sound, which are often out of our control. Add into the mix models or actors, who will need to be selected from a casting process and – of course – paid. Once the shoot is complete, it’s very difficult to make changes to the content. There’s really no such thing as a little easy tweaking here and there. An animated video offers the chance to be updated or amended in the blink of an eye. In the fast-moving world of TV, we think it’s a no brainer.

Our campaigns

Check out our campaign for Bristol Street Motors here. See if you can spot the key decisions we made to ensure the ads could be easily adapted for future use.

Despite being specialists in animation, that’s not all we do. Let’s take a spy at what else we have on offer.

2D & 3D animation

Choose from traditional drawing methods with frames or a more complex software-assisted form of 3D modeling. Animation is at the core of what we do. For some examples, view our ads here:


Adjoining our premises is PROTO. Newly built in 2018, this digital production facility offers everything we could possibly need to build a TV advert. Possibly one of the most innovative media and technology centres and it’s ours – and yours – for the taking.

Character Photogrammetry

3D character photogrammetry allows us to photograph a series of images (120 in total) of bodies, faces and heads. We can then use these images to create 3D photorealistic people. Ideal for animated adverts, for example, when there is a need for digital characters. The benefits of using a 3D character are mainly time and cost-related. Once created, these characters are easily adaptable should the need for change arise during the production process.

Product Photogrammetry

We don’t stop at people. We also have the facilities to capture large items too. From washing machines to cars, our team can transform your product from a series of images into a photorealistic 3D creation. Once again, this is an incredibly useful way to recreate a product without the expense of building something tangible just for production purposes

Motion capture stage

The stage is a perfect way to shoot an animation, thanks to its multi-talented cameras and Optitrack technology. When we make an advert, it allows us the option to utilise virtual reality and hologram building.

Film and TV Studio

A dedicated large space in which to film our ad. Easily accessible and allows us to ship in any specific equipment we might need. Perfect for live capture shoots, when a studio environment is required.

Immersive Lab

Having access to this digital lab allows us the freedom to develop our own content. It provides us with a range of cutting edge hardware and software. The lab gives us a chance to experiment with media techniques such as Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality

Video Production

TVA are able to offer you a comprehensive video production service. From location services, to crew, to editing. Whether you need a talking head or a sweeping car shot. Let our production team create you a masterpiece.

Check out our digital Video Campaigns