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3D Animation

3D animation allows us to make anything already in 2D formation appear more ‘real’.

Transform your ideas into a working advert

It’s a fully computerised process and an ideal way to make a modern day TV advert. A 3D animation can provide greater visual appeal, than say a 2D one, in terms of graphics and imagery.

Using this format is a great way to make sure you are getting the most out of your production costs. Once we have your initial 3D advert made, we can save it and re-use it for future projects. It’s easier to adjust and update than live capture formation and so offers a cost effective option, to you as a client.

Whether it’s 2D or 3D, our specialist animation team can breathe life into anything. Give us an idea and we can transform it into a moving working ad. Don’t have an idea? We have plenty of those too.

Motion Capture

The stage is a perfect way to shoot an animation, thanks to its multi-talented cameras and Optitrack technology. When we make an advert, it allows us the option to utilise virtual reality and hologram building.

We worked with motion capture experts Target 3D to create a 188 sqm motion capture stage in PROTO. Our system makes use of the latest Optitrack technology, using Prime 17 Cameras for wide angle coverage. These multi-talented cameras have a 70° Field of View, 1.7 MP resolution and 360 FPS capture rate.

Our stage is not only perfect for animation and VFX but also provides innovative tracking solutions for virtual reality, training and simulation, hologram creation and movement sciences.

TVA Vlog 001 - Proto behind the scenes

Some of our recent work