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2D Animation

Choosing 2D animated video can be a cost-effective, simplistic way to create a TV advert. A more traditional approach, our 2D animators will use a combination of drawing, computers and specialist software. Once your creative concept has been determined, we can develop storyboards, ready to ‘tell your story’.   

Asset creation

Firstly, we focus on asset creation, a process in which we develop our characters, the environments we might see them in and any necessary props which would feature. During these initial steps, we work on facial expressions, limb movements and consider how the body may sit at certain angles. The design team understand the importance of how a character looks, so that they may convey exactly the right emotion on-screen; happy, sad, nervous and so on.

Character animation

To allow natural movement, we then segment our character, by body part – torso, head, arm, leg so that they appear to move in a realistic way.

Using a specialist character animation tool, After Effects and Duik Bassel, we are now in a position to rig our character. Adobe Character Animator allows us to add finer detail, a specific facial feature or to build in lip-syncing, where needed.

Finally, our character comes alive, as we fashion them to walk, talk and present themselves to the viewer.