Animation is a fantastic way to bring things to life. It’s a great option to showcase a product in a simple, yet captivating way.

At The TV Agency, we have both the tools and people to create the perfect animated advert for your business. Just one good animated video can provide immense reach, speak directly to your customers and make your brand stand out. We offer an array of services including video production, visualisation, and motion design.

Let’s take a look and get you moving.

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Our animation services


Elevate your position with an Animated Corporate Video. It’s just one of the services we provide at TVA. Using animation is a great way to build the profile of your brand.

Video Production

We are a full-service agency, here to give you as little or as much help as you need. Whether it’s crew, location services, producing or editing.  From creative planning to execution and everything in between – we have it covered. TVA have the resources to build you a corporate video, an explainer video or something to showcase on social media.

Social Media

Stop scrolling in its tracks! Social media is a great way to maximise exposure of your animation. Let us create you a bespoke video, to launch across Facebook, Twitter and anyone else who you want to communicate with. The demand for video content is growing and what better way to improve SEO than with a cleverly concocted animation?


Before you even commit to manufacturing a product, we have the ability to recreate it on a photorealistic level. You get to see your ideas brought to life, best of all, without the cost of creating a physical item. Show us your vision and we’ll make it come alive!

Motion Design

What is the story of your brand? Inform your audience about what you have to offer. Excite them, by sharing something new you have to deliver. Remind them of what benefits they stand to gain by choosing your product.

Motion Design uses a combination of animation and text. Think of it as a modern-day source of storytelling, and so, the perfect way to communicate your ideas.