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Planning a TV Advertising Campaign

  • The Cost of a TV campaign

    The first stage of any TV campaign is to first decide on your budget. We work with budgets from as little as one thousand pounds to over one million pounds. We will provide you with a buying plan that recommends the best options to make sure your budget delivers the best return. Using our Klout as one of the biggest independent buying agencies outside London we’ll make sure to get you the best prices and using our experience from selling TV advertising at ITV we know what prices you should be paying.
  • The Audience

    We'll research your target audience using media tools to see what are their favourite channels or programmes. Then make recommendations as to where's best to reach your target audience for your budget and campaign aims. Then choose the right buying audience to match Adults, Housewives, Men 16-34, etc.
  • Timing

    Do you want to advertise in peak 17:15 to 22:59, late night, 23:00 to close or daytime only 09:30: 17:15. We can advise whether you should buy only one daypart or a mix. Daytime is often the most sought after for a direct response campaign where cost efficiency is important. Whereas peak can be more important for retail and brand lead campaigns.
  • Channels

    There are so many channels where do we begin, the biggest ITV1 or a niche channel such as Discovery Turbo for your petrol heads? We’ll recommend which channel will deliver the most for your budget and get the best reach for your audience.
  • Regional or National

    ITV1 breaks down into many regions which can make your budget go much further. Channel 4 also has some regional opportunities. The launch of SKY Adsmart now allows us to target advertising by City to SKY viewers or postcode and can be very effective for highly targeted campaigns and audiences.
  • TVR’s, Packages & Rate Cards?

    There are many ways to buy a TV advert from guaranteed number of spots to a target number of television ratings (TVR’s) or a fixed Cost per thousand (CPT). We will recommend the best way for you to get the most out of your budget.
  • Creative and Media buying Agencies

    TV advertising is specialised so we offer that not only to clients direct but also to other agencies that need to source our expertise. Just ask.
  • Measurement

    Measuring ROI is probably the number 1 consideration for lots of our advertisers and we have various ways of doing this effectively. Ask us about the specialist software we use or our in-house software TVA Manager.


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